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The Cornical™ is a unique fermentation and kegging system that combines the best features of a professional grade stainless steel conical fermenter with an easy-to-use, compact cornelius keg! The complete System (#BLCOTK) is turnkey with the modular keg and the conical fermentation kit. The keg features a removable bottom that makes cleaning ridiculously fast and easy. The conical bottom clamps onto the keg and converts it into a pressure capable fermentor. Then you dispense in the keg, and can utilize the cone on another keg (#BLCOKEG) to ferment an additional batch. No Racking required! Ferment, carbonate, and serve beer from one vessel - so revolutionary it's patent pending! Rotating racking arm with sanitary sampling and racking valve Modular design to allow use as both a fermentor and a serving keg! Removable bottom makes cleaning simple and fast Full 1.5” sanitary butterfly dump valve (for yeast harvesting and trub dumping) Sanitary fittings for contamination free beer Pressure capable to 50psi for carbonation and dispensing Easy to use lid hatch for dry hopping and secondary additions Optional wall mounting bracket Keg made in Italy, Cone and legs made in USA, assembled in USA. This complete system comes with the modular keg and the fermentation kit, so you have all the fittings and tubing you need to ferment, carbonate and serve beer right out of the box! If you would like to use the fermentation kit on subsequent batches while serving the one batch of beer from the keg, you can buy additional Cornical kegs (#BLCOKEG). Get as many as you need to keep the beer fermenting and flowing. The fermentation kit is also sold separately (#BLCOFK), if needed. Do it all like the pros do with the Cornical from Blichmann Engineering!

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