Beginner Wine Equipment Kit

Beginner Wine Equipment Kit

VnH Hard Cider Kit

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*Don't settle for concentrate! This kit gives you all the ingredients you need to make awesome hard cider with your favorite orchard's juice!

Kit Includes:

  • How to Make Hard Cider Instructions
  • 1 sachet Cider yeast (good for 5-6 gallons)
  • 1 Acid Test kit (good for 20+ tests)
  • 2 oz. Potassium Metabisulphite
  • 1 oz. Pectic Enzyme
  • 2 oz. Yeast Nutrient
  • 2 oz. Acid Blend
  • 1 oz. Wine Tannin
  • 1 oz. Sparkolloid Powder

*Packaging of ingredients may differ from picture

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