Fermaid K - 8 g

Fermaid K - 8 g

Mead M05 Mangrove Jack

Mead M05 Mangrove Jack

VnH 5 Gallon Mead Kit

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We've consulted with several award winning professional Mead Makers to give you the most complete bundle of honey, yeast and yeast nutrients you need to make your own award winning mead! We include premium nutrients with instructions to ensure your mead turns out PERFECT! An excellent kit for the beginning mead maker!  

This kit will make a delicious mead that you can age for years to come. You can also choose to carbonate it and serve at a wedding for a sparkling mead toast!

While the kit is great still or carbonated, the adventurous home fermenter could use this kit as a base on which to experiment. Consider fermenting it out and then splitting it off into smaller 1 gallon containers where you can make a sweet mead by adding more honey to one, vanilla bean to another, fruit to another, etc.

Kit Include*s: 

  • How to Make Mead Instructions 
  • 12 lbs. (1 gallon) Local OHIO Honey from Heirloom Farms
  • 1 sachet 71B-1122 yeast
  • 8 gm. Fermaid K yeast nutrient
  • 2 oz. DAP  
  • 10 gm. Go Ferm Protect
  • 12 gm. Fermaid O yeast nutrient

You add water.

*Packaging of ingredients may differ from picture

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