California White Juice through October 6, 2022

California White Juice through October 6, 2022

Italian White Juice through October 6, 2022

Italian White Juice through October 6, 2022

Italian Red Juice through October 6, 2022

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Juices are Pre-Order only. We will not have any extras available. 

NEW! This year we are offering Bulk Discounts! Automatically applied in your cart. No code needed! Mix & Match Varietals!

  • Save 5% when you order 5-9 pails. 
  • Save 10% when you order 10 or more pails! 

Orders are due October 6.

Pick up for the juice will be October 13 & 14 at Vine n Hop in ACE Harware at 3626 Medina Rd, Medina OH. INSIDE the ACE Hardware store. 

Juices must be picked up during these days or your juice will be at risk of spoilage. Juices cannot be shipped.

We have been offering L'uva Bella Juices fresh California and Italian juice for over 5 years. Typical Brix of the juices are 22-24 (1.087-1.100 S.G.) and come with a package of Lalvin EC-1118 yeast. L'uva Bella is located in and well known in Ohio. They have been dedicated to selling Premium juices since 2001.

Juice Descriptions:

Amarone: “The great bitter” — a dry Italian wine. This full-bodied wine is very ripe, raisin, and has very little acid. This ruby purple wine will not disappoint any dry wine lover, especially with its unique flavors of licorice, tobacco and fig.

Barbera: The vivid hue of red which characterizes full fruity flavors. This wine has a minimal amount of tannins, which means it will not be astringent. Taste perception can vary from fresh cherry to a plumy boldness. If aged, this wine can have a touch of spiciness.

Bardolino: A dry, soft, delicate Italian wine that exemplifies a bitter aftertaste. It has a delightful fruity aroma. Fun Fact: In the 1800s, Bardolino was fermented in waterproof holes in the ground which were covered by stone slabs.

Barolo: Has a profound red color and is thick and complex with flavor. Barolo can have tasting notes of roses, fruits, oak and licorice.

Brunello: A large grape variation of Sangiovese. It was the first wine in Italy to be recognized as having “high status.” It has a high acidity and a light body.

Cabernet Sauvignon: Rich, intense wine that has aromas of deep berry fruits and flowers. Has a smooth, lingering finish. Chianti: Very young tasting. It has the fruity and fresh appeal of Beaujolais and is usually a Sangiovese grape blend.

Dolcetto: “Little sweet one.” Traditional styles are light purple in color with low tannins, cherry, raspberry, and jammy flavors with hints of spice.

Lambrusco: An Italian wine known for its natural effervescence. A sweet medium bodied wine that has berry tasting notes and a high acidity. Merlot: Softer and fruitier than Cabernet Sauvignon but has many similar characteristics to it. It has black cherry, currant, cedar and green olive tasting notes

Montepulciano: Hearty and acidic. It has dark fruity flavors and surprising hints of cocoa, chocolate and caramel.

Nebbiolo: A full-flavored wine with well-balanced, high levels of acidity and tannins. Its aroma is memorable with roses and tar.

Sangiovese: Ruby red in color, it has a luscious red cherry character with hints of violets.

Valpolicella: Made from three grape varieties: Corvina Veronese, Rondinella and Molinara. This wine is a light, fragrant table wine known for its sour cherry flavor.

Tuscan Rosso: House Red Blend from the Tuscany region.

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