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American Ale 1056

German Ale 1007

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GERMAN ALE 1007 is a true top cropping yeast with low ester formation and a broad temperature range. Fermentation at higher temperatures may produce mild fruitiness. This powdery strain results in yeast that remains in suspension post fermentation. Beers mature rapidly, even when cold fermentation is used. Low or no detectable diacetyl.

  • Flocculation: LOW 
  • Attenuation: 73-77
  • Temperature: 55-68F
  • ABV: 11

We order Wyeast frequently, if this strain is out of stock, it will be placed on back order. Backorders are generally filled within 2 weeks. Placing a backorder on a strain ensures that when yeast are ordered you will be receiving the FRESHEST PACK not one that has been sitting around a shop for several months.

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