London Ale III  1318

London Ale III 1318

British Ale II 1335

British Ale II 1335

London Ale 1028

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PLEASE NOTE! We do not ship liquid yeast. Yeasts are available online for IN STORE PICK UP ONLY. We order Wyeast frequently, if this strain is out of stock, it will be placed on back order. Backorders are generally filled within 2 weeks. Placing a backorder on a strain ensures that when yeast are ordered you will be receiving the FRESHEST PACK not one that has been sitting around a shop for several months. LONDON ALE 1028 A rich mineral profile that is bold and crisp with some fruitiness. Often used for higher gravity ales and when a high level of attenuation is desired. Flocculation: LOW-MEDIUM Attenuation: 73-77 Temperature: 60-72F ABV: 11
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