Nutrient - Opti White 15 g

Nutrient - Opti White 15 g

Lallzyme EX - 0.8 g

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Specially formulated enzyme preparation for improved color intensity and stability, greater mouthfeel, and enhanced fruity, floral, spicy flavors in wine. Used primarily in red wines for the aforementioned reasons, it can also be used in white wines for increased extraction (however we recommend Lallzyme C-Max for whites because it helps the solids settle out as well).

Based on the activity of a blend of cellulases, hemicellulases, and pectinases, this preparation aids in the extraction, then stabilization of water soluble phenols found in cells of grape skins. A dry, granular product requiring no special storage conditions prior to use.

We have used this enzyme on our wine here at Vine n Hop and found the difference to be nothing short of amazing. To use dissolve Lallzyme EX into a sufficient amount of water (usual ration is 1:100) and add to must with your other additions prior to the onset of fermentation. Dosage is 0.1g Lallzyme per gallon of must. Store dry enzyme at room temperature, around 25 C° (77 F°). Once rehydrated use within a few hours.

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