How to Use an Auto Siphon

How to Use an Auto Siphon

This is a picture of wine being transferred from one carboy to another with an Auto Siphon. This auto siphon also has a clamp on it so it can be used hands free.

To use your Auto Siphon:

1. Connect the tubing to the inner tube.

2. Sanitize the inside by siphoning sanitizer through it.

3. Sanitize the outside by spraying it with a spray bottle filled with sanitizer.

4. Place the carboy or pail with wine on a higher surface. Put the Auto Siphon in the wine to be transferred.

5. Place the carboy or pail that the wine is being transferred to about 3 feet lower than the other. Place the end of tubing in the sanitized carboy or pail.

6. Pump the Auto Siphon a few times until the wine freely flows to the carboy or pail.

7. Ta Da!!!

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