Clearing Wine, Mead, Cider and More

Clearing Wine, Mead, Cider and More

A week before bottling your wine, cider or mead you will want to add a Clarifier also called Fining Agents.

There are several available I recommend Super-Kleer (aka Dual Fine) or Sparkolloid. I recommend Sparkolloid for mead and cider and Super-Kleer for wine.

Mead before clarifying

Pictured here is a before picture mead I made. I used Sparkolloid to clarify it. I mixed it according to the package directions and added it. Here is after 2 days.

Clear Mead

This mead has sat for 2 days and you can see the brilliant difference. I used the same lighting and camera setting in both pictures amazing isn't it!

It is not quite ready to bottle , if you look carefully you will see that at the bottom it is still a little cloudy. One other note, the sediment on the bottom is powdery and any movement will stir it up. Be sure to set your wine in the place you plan to bottle it. After adding the fining agent because you will not want to move it on bottling day as the sediment will get stirred up into your wine and created cloudy bottles.

☝️Likewise, I recommend siphoning off the sediment into a clean sanitized carboy or pail before bottling; holding the auto siphon steady (or using a clamp). During the bottling process the Auto Siphon can move a lot in the wine (even with a clamp) and can stir up the sediment.

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