Equipment Needed to Make Wine at Home

Equipment Needed to Make Wine at Home

Primary Fermenter with lid*: Food grade plastic vessel and with a small hole and grommet in the lid with approximately 2 gallons of capacity more than your kit makes. This will allow fermentation bubbling and foaming to happen without spilling over.

Carboy: Glass or plastic narrow-necked container. A typical wine kit requires a 23 litre (6 gallon) carboy.

Thermometers - stick on and probe*: Used to monitor the temperature during the winemaking process.

Air Lock/Fermentation Lock*: Designed to prevent bacteria and oxygen from getting into your wine, while allowing the produced carbon dioxide gas to escape.

Drilled Stopper: Holds the air lock/fermentation lock in place on the carboy

Mixing Spoon or Paddle*: A winemaking specific food grape plastic stirring utensil long enough to reach the bottom of the primary fermenter.

Wine Thief*: Used to take samples from the primary fermenter and carboy. Hydrometer: Instrument used to measure the amount of sugar using Specific Gravity (S.G.) to monitor fermentation progress.

Hydrometer*: Instrument used to measure the amount of sugar using Specific Gravity (S.G.) to monitor the fermentation progress.

Degassing Wand or Mix Stir*: A tool used to remove the carbon dioxide gas from wine. This is the most effective, quickest and easiest way to degas wine. Attaches to a power drill. Optional, but recommended.

Auto Siphon & Hose*: Used to transfer wine from one container to another while leaving sediment behind.

Solid Bung: (optional) Fits into carboy to prevent oxygen and spoilage organisms from entering wine. Only use once wine is degassed.

Bottle Filler*: Tool to automatically dispense liquid when inserted into a bottle and stops liquid flow upon removal from the bottle

Bottles: Regular wine kits that produce 23 litres (6 gallons) will require approximately 30 750ml bottles.

Corks*: Use new corks each time for a proper seal.

Corker*: Tool used to insert corks into bottles. There are several different styles. We recommend a floor corker. Hand corker is included in our Beginner Wine Kit

Labels: (optional) Sometimes come in a wine kit but can be purchased individually or create custom labels yourself!

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