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Yeast for RED Wines

Lalvin Brand

K1V-1116 (12-14% alcohol tolerance) 59-86 °F All purpose. Best for producing wine from grapes and fresh fruit

RC-212 (12-14% alcohol tolerance) 59-86 °F Best for producing red wines of smooth character and rounded structure

BM 4X4 (16% alcohol tolerance) 60-82 °F A blend of strains formulated for reliability under difficult conditions. Gives a dependable fermentation with increased mouthfeel, and enhances tobacco, cedar, leather and jam characteristics.

Red Star Brand

Premier Classique formerly Montrachet (15% alcohol tolerance) 54-95 °F Best for producing dry, full-bodied red and white wines. Excellent for oak barrel fermentation

Pasteur Red (15% alcohol tolerance) 63-86 °F One of the best choices for quality red wines. Encourages development of varietal fruit flavors, balanced by complex aromas. Recommended for the vinifications of high quality red wines aged in oak barrels particularly Cabernet, Merlot, Shiraz grape families and to all full-bodied wines.

Yeast for WHITE Wines

Lalvin Brand

71B-1122 (14% alcohol tolerance) 59-86 °F

Best for producing wines with a fruity aroma. Ideal for wines made from concentrates.

ICD D-47 (15% alcohol tolerance) 50-86 °F

Best for producing superior quality white wines. Ideal for dry and fruity whites.

QA23 (16% alcohol tolerance) 59-89 °F

Portuguese isolate used for production of fresh, fruity, white wines. Will not give structure to a wine, but it excels at focusing the fruit either alone or as part of a blend.

Red Star Brand

Cotes Des Blanc (14% alcohol tolerance) 55-86 °F

One of the most traditional aromatic strains for white wines. An excellent choice for fruity wines. Ferments fast even at low temperatures

Yeast for Sparkling, Champagne or High Gravity Wines

Lalvin Brand

EC-1118 (18% alcohol tolerance) 45-95 °F

Best for producing all white wines, sparkling wines, cider and to restart stuck fermentation

Red Star Brand

Pasteur Blanc formerly Pasteur Champagne (18% alcohol tolerance) 50-95 °F All-purpose and vigorous, a moderately foaming and sulfite-tolerant strain useful in producing white and red wines. Extremely good fermenter. Very high alcohol tolerance. Recommended for treating stuck fermentations.

Premier Cuvee (16% alcohol tolerance) 50-104 °F One of the fastest, cleanest, and most neutral of all Red Star wine yeasts. Recommended for reds, whites and especially sparkling wines. Excellent choice for oak barrel fermentations.

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