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The WineEasy™ is a truly revolutionary new process to ferment and press wine. Because the wine is pressed in the same vessel in which it is fermented, we have uniquely configured it, too, selling the fermenting vat separately from the pressing system. First, select your batch size, noting that the fermentors are designed to be filled about 75% full of must (to allow for cap rise) and that typical press efficiencies will be about 60-70%. Buying your system: We have divided the system into three main parts: Fermentor, Piston, and Vacuum Pump. This eliminates any wasted components should you desire to have multiple fermentors and/or different size units in your winery. Step 1: Base Fermenting Vat: Select the size or sizes that meet your needs — either one unit, multiple units of the same size or even a combination of different sizes! Each fermenting tank comes equipped with the ring stand, bottom valve, false bottom assembly, and a tight-fitting lid. Step 2: Piston: Purchase a piston assembly to match your fermentor size. You will need one piston for each differently sized fermentor you have in your winery. If you have multiple fermentors of one size, you only need one piston. Step 3: Vacuum Pump: Purchase the vacuum press kit. You will only need one vacuum press kit for your winery, no matter the size or quantity of your fermentors. The vacuum press kit can also be used to degas your wine!

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Blichmann WineEasy

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