1 Gallon Fruit Wine Equipment Kit

1 Gallon Fruit Wine Equipment Kit

Beginner Wine Equipment Kit

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The Vine n Hop's Wine Starter kit is the most complete kit on the market! We want your first wine making experience to be frustration free and have included everything in the kits to ensure your success! 

This Starter Kit includes: 

  • 7.9 Gallon Fermenting Bucket with Lid
  • Airlock Paddle
  • Auto-Siphon & 5 ft tubing
  • Dial Thermometer
  • Liquid Crystal Thermometer
  • Hydrometer & Test Jar
  • Wine Thief
  • Drill Mounted Degasser
  • Bottle Filler
  • Hand Corker
  • Thirty Corks
  • Easy Clean
  • Sodium Metabisulphite for Sanitizing equipment

IMPORTANT! We do not include a carboy with this kit because there are so many options to choose. You will need a 6 gallon carboy to complete make most wine ingredient kits on the market including Winexpert, RjS, & VineCo. We suggest any of the following: 

  • 6 gallon glass carboy (#5158)
  • 6 gallon PET carboy (#5142)
  • 6 gallon wide mouth PET Fermonster (#5136)
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