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Step One Take some time to determine the style of wine you want to create and explore the characteristics that will best help you reach your desired result. For example, are you looking to make your wine more aromatic? Are you looking to add texture? More body? More tannin? More acidity? Refer to the single varietal characteristics above to help guide your Mivino blending decisions. Step Two First, determine whether you will do your blending before or after the primary fermentation. If you only have one 23L (6 US GAL) carboy then blending before primary fermentation is best for you. If you decide to create your blend just prior to bottling then you will need a minimum of two 11.5L (3 US GAL) carboys where each of your Mivino wines will be cleared and stabilized separately. If you would still like to blend your wines together after the primary fermentation and you only have one 23L carboy then we recommend that you blend your wines together just prior to clearing and stabilizing. If you have decided to blend your kits together before fermentation, you can do so now. If you will be blending after the primary fermentation (either before clearing and stabilizing or just prior to bottling) determine the blend percentage by tasting various options from your selected wine kits. Set out several glasses and blend varying amounts of each varietal. For example, try 50/50, 40/60 and 60/40 blends using each varietal you are making to decide which best represents the characteristics you are going for. Step Three If you will be blending your wines together before clearing and stabilization do so now by transferring the desired amounts into a sanitized 23L (6 US GAL) carboy. Move forward now with Step 2 (Stabilizing & Clearing). If you will be blending your wines together just prior to bottling, transfer the desired amounts into your sanitized primary fermenter, mix gently with your long handled spoon, and continue with Step 3 (Bottling & Corking). Any remaining wine not included in your blend can be bottled separately which will give you three delicious Mivino wines to bottle.

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